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Flirt Com Review


If you are single and on the lookout for a dating site that focuses on helping you find casual relationships and hookups, then you should consider checking out Flirt com.

This site was established in 2019, and since then, it has experienced very high traction. After being acquired by Cupid (previously known as EasyDate), Flirt has seen the registration of over a million people across the world.

During the earlier days of the establishment of Flirt, all the features on this site were made free for all women. However, to make it safe for everyone, the site introduced premium membership to all its members.

This move was not appreciated by most of its users; hence Flirt opted to offer a three-day trial membership for a minimal cost. The site also comes with a satisfaction guarantee program where members will be able to contest for partial refunds in case they do not find the site enjoyable. 

This site advocates comfortable and safe flirting by introducing anti-scam protectors and other safety measures. It also boasts to have other features that are guaranteed to make your flirting experience as fun as possible.

Some of these features include “FlirtCast” that allows you to broadcast flirty messages to other users, and also the “Like Gallery” feature that helps all members to quickly get their perfect matches. Rather than finding serious relationships or love, these features have been designed to help Flirt members to find something casual and fun.

Therefore, if you are on the lookout for a site that will let you flirt with other members, then keep reading this review to find out whether this site will be suitable for you or not. Here, you will get to understand if the site is what it claims to be.

Flirt’s Membership Structure

You will find members from all parts of the world on Flirt. Every part of the world is represented by a good percentage on the site. However, you will notice that most of its members are from the USA. Many of the users are within the age bracket of 20-35 years.

It is important to note that it has been discovered that most of the members, men, in particular, tend to look older than the age stated on their profiles. Therefore, it is not easy to tell if some of these users lie about their age in order to come out as young or not. 

Anyone from any part of the world can register an account on this site that will enable them to chat with other users. When using the site, you should also be aware of the fake profiles.

Most of these fake profiles tend to use celebrity photos as their profile pictures despite the fact that the site does not allow this. There is a chance that the Flirt admins tend to overlook some of these photos whenever approving the uploads.

You will also notice that even without your profile being approved, you might receive videos and messages from other users. This has led to a lot of people thinking that this is a clickbait aimed at encouraging users to upgrade their memberships.

Signing Up at Flirt

Signing up on this site is very easy. The registration process only takes a few minutes to complete, and you will be ready to start flirting. You do not have to worry about providing a lot of details during the registration process.

You are only required to provide your personal details such as the gender of the person you are looking for, your gender, and your postal code.

However, the site does not have a verification process for determining whether the postal code provided is correct or not. This means that you can register an account with any postal code of your choice

You will then have to provide a suitable and strong password and your valid email address. The email will need verification after you have registered your account; hence you must ensure that you have provided a valid email address.

After providing these details, you will then receive an account activation email with a code that you can manually enter on the site to activate your account. You may add your information and profile photo later on. However, it is important to note that your profile will be invisible until you add your photo. 

How to make Contact On Flirt

Flirt gives its members two ways of initiating contact with one another. You can initiate contact with another member by sending winks, or by sending messages to them. After registering your account, Flirt will give you 5 free chats that you can send to 5 different members.

However, the replies and other messages are locked for male users and they will be deleted automatically after a 24-hour period.

To avoid this, members are required to upgrade their accounts to premium. Women have an advantage where they are able to reply to messages from other members, free of charge.

In case you receive a message from any suspicious user, then this site will notify you that this person is under observation for anti-scamming activities. If you choose to engage such people, then this will be based on your common sense.

When it comes to matching members, Flirt has a feature called “Like gallery” which matches members in a roulette-like manner. You will get a profile photo and you can click on the heart button if you like it, and if you do not like it, you can click on the “X” button.

This page will also give you the opportunity to view all sent likes, check the members who liked you and also access your successful matches.

Flirt also gives you the opportunity of adding interesting contacts to a list of favorites. The site has made it easier to search for your favorite categories by providing you with the necessary features. Viewing your matches and the people who have liked you is also free.

Flirt Profiles

You will notice that Flirt profiles tend to show limited details about the members. Your profile photo will be located at the top of the profile on the right-hand side. Beside the profile picture, you will find other details like your age, name, location, and gender.

Below these details is your personal information, “Photo Gallery”, and more information about you. In case you are interested in a member who has not filled out some of the information fields required, then you also have the opportunity of requesting them to add more information.

There is also the “looking for” section that premium members can use to find their perfect matches. Just under your profile details, you are provided with suggestions of other members you might be interested in meeting.

If you want your Flirt profile to be verified, you may call the Flirt admins where they will ask you a few questions that will help them validate your identity. 

It is also important to note that all profiles remain invisible until the members complete their profiles. Every photo you upload on the site is subject to approval by the Flirt admins before it can be published.

In case you happen to be a suspicious member due to one reason or another, then the site will perform an anti-spam verification process on the profile. You can also see how far other members are from your location, and also use the available indicators to determine if they are online or not. Please check out our selection of other good Dating sites :  BeNaughty, FlingFuckbookAshley MadisonWhatsYourPrice and Kasidie .

Flirt for Mobile

This site does not have an app that you can download on your mobile phone. However, it has been optimized for mobile viewing and you can easily access it from your mobile phone’s browser.

On the mobile’s version, you will find a total of 5 icons on the header representing each tab feature. When searching for members, you will notice that they are displayed in a two-grid layout with 2 action buttons below each profile picture. These two buttons are the Chat and Wink buttons. 

Real Life Review from a Flirt User

“There are a lot of hookup sites out there that I have personally tried using. One of my friends introduced me to Flirt, and I became curious to try it out. I went to the bar later on in the day and decided to sign up for my account. It thought it would be a great opportunity to find a random hookup since things were going slowly at the bar.  

After signing up, I decided to upgrade my membership to the three-day package. I went ahead and set my filters to display members that were closer to my location. After sending several messages to the women in my location, I got a reply from one girl who had the same interests as me. Luckily, she was only 300m away from my location, and we met and had a great night. I will always come back to use the site whenever I do not find what I am looking for at the bar.” Nathan, 30.

Flirt’s Design and Usability

This site is very easy to navigate due to its straightforward design. On the header menu, you will get only 2 feature tabs on the main menu. These are the “Like Gallery” and the “Search” tabs. Search filters are located at the top of the “Search” page.

These are then followed by the “All Members”, “New Members”, and the “Online Now” tabs. If a member is online, they will be showed in a grid-layout displaying their online status.

On the other hand, new members have a small red text mark that indicates their new status. You will also see two action buttons (Chat and Wink) designed for quick contact. 

In case you want to upgrade your membership, you can do so by clicking on the “Upgrade Now” button located on the right side of the header menu. The chat icon is located next to this icon where you can use it to navigate to your inbox and chat with other members.

The notification button is also located on the right side of the chat button where you can access all your notifications. If you have notifications that are waiting to be read, then this icon will appear in the form of a red bubble with the number of unread notifications.

Flirt Costs

There are some features that can be accessed free of charge on Flirt. Some of these features include:

  • Sending winks
  • Registering your account
  • Replying to messages
  • Adding users to your list of favorites


On the other hand, if you want to enjoy the rest of the features on this site, then you will be required to upgrade your membership. The following are some of the additional features that can be unlocked with upgraded membership:

  • Extended search
  • Sharing videos and photos in chats
  • You can access the “Looking For” button
  • Premium support
  • Bigger photos


You can opt for a monthly membership where you will be required to pay $28.80 every month or opt for a 3 months membership that costs $16.20 every month. This means that you will be required to pay a total of $48.60 to access the premium services for a period of three months. 

Back in the day, all premium features used to be available to all women. However, this led to the emergence of a lot of fake profiles that were created with the aim of scamming other users.

As a result, Flirt decided to make all its users upgrade to premium memberships in order to do away with fake profiles and scammers. However, to compensate for such an inconvenience, the site has come up with an attractive discount it offers to all the new members looking to register their profiles.

As a new member, you will be given a three-day trial offer where you will only be required to pay a total of $4.23. Women can also enjoy replying to messages for free and they are also given 5 free chats, to begin with.

In case you do not end up liking what this site has to offer, then you also have the opportunity of requesting a partial refund due to its satisfaction guarantee. 

Flirt’s Main Features

This site has a lot of interesting features that new members can look forward to. However, there are some special features that enable it to stand out from its competitors. Keep reading to find out some of the other special features you can find on Flirt.

Like gallery

This is a feature that is meant to match users where you will be shown photos of different users and you will be expected to either click on the heart button if you like the user or click on the “X” button if you do not like the user. Below it, you will see a list of the profiles you previously liked, those who liked you, and also all your matches. 

Video Uploads

Flirt also allows its users to upload videos that do not exceed 30 seconds to your profile; hence giving you the opportunity to show your personality and character to the other members.


With this feature, you will be able to send the same message to all your matches at once. However, you should note that it is only possible to send one Flirtcast after every twelve hours.

Request More Info from Other Members

In case you come across a member you like, and they haven’t filled-up all their info, then you also have the opportunity of requesting them to provide more info. By clicking this button, Flirt will send a notification to the member letting them know that you have requested them to update the info. 


In case you are one of those people looking for flirts or something casual, then you can rest assured that Flirt will not disappoint you in this regard. The site allows you to be instantly matched with members in your location without much hassle. You can gauge how the site works by taking advantage of the 5 free messages the site offers to new users. This will help you decide if the site offers what you are looking for. 


Is Flirt legitimate?

Yes, Flirt is a legitimate site, and everyone has a chance of meeting other members from other parts of the world

Who owns

After its official release, Flirt was acquired by Cupid plc who currently owns it.

How can I join

Joining this site is very easy. All you have to do is follow the simple registration steps that are provided on the site’s homepage.

Is Flirt free for women?

Back in the day, it used to be free for women. However, right now the site is not completely free for women. Women are only allowed to reply to messages for free.

Is it possible to cancel my premium membership at any time?

Yes, you can cancel your premium membership whenever you want. This can be done through the “Account Settings” button. Once canceling, you can still enjoy the premium features until the last day of your billing cycle. 

What if I do not enjoy my time with Flirt?

This site will offer you a partial refund in case you do not end up liking their services. In such a case, you will be required to call their customer service and request a partial refund. 

I deleted my account but I am still being billed a monthly subscription. Why?

It is important to note that deleting your account does not mean that your membership billing will stop. Therefore, you are required to manually cancel your subscription before deleting your account. However, in case you have already deleted your account and you wish to stop the subscription, you will need to contact the site’s customer care so that they may help you in canceling the membership.

Does Flirt come with a mobile app?

This site does not have a downloadable mobile app. However, the website is optimized for mobile phones and you can access it from your phone’s browser. 

How many messages can one send on Flirt?

As a free member, you only have 5 free messages that you can send to other members. If you want to send an unlimited number of messages, then you should upgrade your membership. Women users, on the other hand, can reply to their messages free of charge. 

How do I report scammers on Flirt?

If you suspect that a user is a scammer, then you can report the profile via the “Report” link located on their profile.