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SwingLifeStyle-com Review:  Everything you need to know

SwingLifeStyle was launched way back in 2001. Since then, the site has grown to be one of the largest swinger dating sites in the globe.

In the past two decades that SwingLifeStyle has been in operation, it has attracted an overwhelming number of users. The site boasts of members from different parts of the world.

In the past, it was embarrassing and even a taboo to speak about your sexual desires in public. This was especially true for the married couples and it could even end up in divorce. Well, these days are now long gone. As we speak now, it is free for any person to speak about their sexual desires with no one pointing fingers at him or her.

And SwingLifeStyle is one of the perfect places to do this. Here, you can experiment with many things. There are no limitations when it comes to finding pleasure at SwingLifeStyle.

The mission of SwingLifeStyle is to connect swingers who share the same interests. The platform offers an opportunity for these groups of people to;

  • Chat
  • Experiment
  • Plan for meetings
  • Go on SwingLifeStyle cruises among other things

The site is huge, with over 16 million members globally. This makes it easier to find your match and have a good time together.



How SwingLifeStyle works

Those looking for casual relationships have a reason to sign up at SwingLifeStyle. The site gives a chance for members to;

  •  Send messages
  • Arrange groups
  • Chat
  • Read blogs
  • Communicate on forums
  • Do many other things, including planning parties.

You can filter your options based on gender, age and location. There is also an advanced feature that can help narrow down your options.

It is quite easy to sign up at SwingLifeStyle. It can take as little as one minute to register and the website is very user-friendly. You can get more information on the site’s usage at the terms of use and privacy policy sections.

The site also has customer support that is available throughout the day. If you want to plan for a date, it is also easy. All you need to do is mark the date on the calendar for other users to see. You can also do the same if you want to travel. The site has its own travelling agency. This agency organizes trips for couples and singles from the site. Usually, these trips are SwingLifeStyle cruises lasting for at least one week.

Signing up at SwingLifeStyle

As already said, it is easy for anyone to sign up at SwingLifeStyle. The registration is also free. There are a few steps involved and the information required include;

 Step 1: Username and password

 Step 2: Age location and gender

After you complete these fields, the next step will be to confirm your email. A link is sent to your email address which you have to click on it. With these few steps, you become part of the largest SwingLifeStyle society.

You can also be part of SwingLifeStyle by clicking the ‘join free’ button. You then fill the required data (i.e. username, password and gender). Remember that to be a member of this community, you must be at least 18 years of age.

You can’t register through social media accounts like Instagram and Facebook. This is also good considering that it protects the privacy of members.

How to login

After you register at the site, it is easy to log in. On your next visit, just go to the login segment and type your username and password. You can change the password at any time. It is only the username that you cannot change. Otherwise, you may end up using all your data.

SwingLifeStyle design and usability

The SwingLifeStyle website has an attractive design. It has a white and purple colour theme. To some extent, this theme adds some romantic touch to the website. The site may be targeting emancipated and sexually active people. What’s surprising is that you won’t find any nude photos or explicit videos on their homepage. Due to this, the younger audience may describe the website design as old fashioned. One amazing thing about SwingLifeStyle is the lack of annoying ads. If you are a fan of dating sites, then you already know how frustrating these ads are.

Based on a survey, many SwingLifeStyle users admitted that the site is user-friendly. On the left side, you find the content menu which makes it easier for users to navigate the page. The content menu has 21 tabs which include forums, stories, blog, etc.

There are other tabs that transfer users to the site’s social media pages. These are the SwingLifeStyle official Twitter and Facebook accounts.

There is also another cool feature that SwingLifeStyle offers. This is a panel that shows how many users are active at the moment. It also shows the total number of members that joined the website during that week. Users can also find data on the number of photos, groups and chat rooms added during the week.

You can find the terms of use and privacy policy section at the bottom of the main page. Here, you get detailed information concerning the terms and conditions of usage.  If you wan to look out other dating sites,  please review these, Dating Sites: Kasidie Swingers Club, FlingFuckbook,  AdultFriendFinderwhatsyourpriceAshley MadisonFlirt and BeNaughty.

Quality of profile

SwingLifeStyle accommodates a large number of users from different parts of the world. Users here are also diverse. You can find women, men and couples between the age of 21 and 30. Some members use the site for free while others have upgraded to premium membership.

Profile quality is one of the key things that SwingLifeStyle takes into consideration. The moderators frequently check accounts to ensure that no fake users are in there. Users are also advised to contact support if they notice any suspicious accounts. The same applies to bots and scammers. Anyone who prefers casual sexual encounters can join SwingLifeStyle.

Creating a profile at SwingLifeStyle


Once the sign-up process is successful, the next step is to fill the required information. Some of the main things that you need to include on the profile include;

  •  Age
  • Sexual orientation
  • Location
  • Interests among other things that you would like to share with other members.

You can also state the type of people you want to meet. This can be females, males or couples. Users are free to express their sexual preferences. So whether you prefer threesome, BDSM or any other thing doesn’t matter. Feel free to publish whatever you want. After all, this is the only way you can find and interact with open-minded people like yourself.


Each profile has a mark where users can rank their level of naughtiness. This can be wild, moderate or tame. With this option, you can easily know a user’s personality even before making an approach.

Next, you need to download photos. The site does not restrict users from adding nude photos. All the photos here have a rating. For instance, the G rating means that any user can view the photo. PG is for semi-explicit photos, and R means that the photo has sexual content. It is only the premium members that have access to R-rated photos.

All the photos also have a visibility status. For instance, private means that the photos will only show in the private gallery. Public indicates that the picture will show on the website’s open gallery.


Generally, most profiles at SwingLifeStyle are very detailed. The level of naughtiness and the ability to rate photos also make the site interesting.

The SwingLifeStyle app

SwingLifeStyle just launched their mobile app recently. Before, it was challenging for users who prefer using their mobile phones to access the site. This is the reason why the SwingLifeStyle team introduced a mobile application.

The app works well in android and iOS. You can also get all the features available on the desktop site. The app has an eye-catching design with a purple color theme. It is also easy to navigate the sections. Signing up on the mobile app is fast and easy.

 Security and safety

SwingLifeStyle has over 16 million registered users. Over 5,000 new users also register weekly. One main reason why SwingLifeStyle is popular is due to their strict privacy policy. If you come across suspicious accounts, you can report it at the customer support team. Additionally, users are also free to block annoying members.

SwingLifeStyle is a legit site that Swingers from different parts of the world should consider joining. Besides connecting Swingers globally, it also has a travel agency under its name. Additionally, SwingLifeStyle organizes local and international events for couples and singles.

Members can read blogs and comment on forums. They can also post unique stories about themselves or become affiliates of SwingLifeStyle. To protection purposes, only premium subscribers can view explicit photos at the site. If you are using the free version, these pictures will appear blurred on your profile.

Benefits and pricing

Anyone is free to become a free or paid member at SwingLifeStyle. Paid members get access to more attractive features at the site.

Free account holders can receive messages but can’t be able to reply. These members are also restricted to sending only 5 emails in a day.Free members do not have access to the private gallery. They can read forums but can’t participate in them. Also, the members do not have access to chat rooms

Premium members on the other hand have access to all these features. They can also hide their profiles from being seen by free members.



One month Three months Six months Twelve months
$14.95 $29.95 $49.95 $69.95


Compared to other sites, we can conclude that SwingLifeStyle charges reasonable amounts. Moreover, the site also has an affiliate program. With the program, members can get additional bonuses. Members can receive a cashback by placing the SwingLifeStyle banner on their platforms.

The site also has a lifetime membership costing $149.95. With this option, you can save a good amount of dollars if planning to use the site for a long time. These subscribers also get notifications when there are new site features. Payments are made through money orders and checks.

Help and support

SwingLifeStyle has the most effective customer support team. This team ensures that they solve member’s issues at any time of the day. They offer both assisting and consulting services. They can solve issues to do with navigation, a technical problem or making payment etc.

Members can also contact support through their social media pages like Twitter and Facebook.

Frequently asked questions

These are the commonly asked questions by SwingLifeStyle members and those anticipating joining.

How safe is SwingLifeStyle?

SwingLifeStyle has put in place tight security and safety measures. The site has a privacy policy section. This section states that all the information gathered is entirely for internal use. The site does not share its members’ information with third parties.

Is SwingLifeStyle a dating site?

SwingLifeStyle is a legitimate online dating site. A majority of its users are from the United States. Most members of the site are youths between the ages of 25 and 30 years. Just like many other dating sites, SwingLifeStyle has more male members than females.

How do I use SwingLifeStyle?

SwingLifeStyle has a user-friendly website. It is easy to register, a process that can only take a few minutes. When creating a profile, members can give a short description of themselves as well as their interests . The site also has a number of special features. These include blogs, forums, SwingLifeStyle cruises and events, not forgetting a travel agency.

Is the site free?

It is free to enjoy most features at the site. However, you need to pay in order to access the most important features. These important features include sending messages, commenting in forums, viewing private photos. With premium membership, you can also share stories on forums. There is also a lifetime membership that costs $149.95.

How does SwingLifeStyle Work?

SwingLifeStyle is a dating platform that connects Swingers who share the same personality. It connects SwingLifeStyle with the same interests, mostly in terms of sexual preferences. You can participate in group sex, threesome and sexual encounter.

If this is what you want, SwingLifeStyle is the best to be. It makes it possible for Swingers to travel together and attend parties and events. SwingLifeStyle also has a public calendar feature. This allows users to set dates and go on cruises.

What we liked

  • Detailed profiles and active members
  •  Over 16 million users from different parts of the world
  •  Users can send and receive messages
  •  The site has forums and chat rooms
  •  Users can block irritating members
  •  There is a public calendar to set dates
  •  A large number of international and local events
  • The travel agency
  • Advanced affiliate program
  •  Regular trips and winger cruises
  •  Lifetime membership option
  •  User-friendly design, easy to navigate
  • Has an official mobile app

What we did not like

  •  You can’t see who viewed your profile
  •  No video chat
  •  You can’t respond to messages in the free membership plan
  •  No virtual gifts and winks option to express your interests
  •  It is not mandatory to have a profile photo

Final remarks

Generally speaking, SwingLifeStyle has created a good impression among its users. The site attracts over 5,000 new users every week. Most of the users here are also very active. You can find women, men and couples who want to try something new.

The site has a number of cool features like trips, forums and cruises.It also offers a map where you can find Swinger clubs in different parts of the United States. All you need to do is click on your preferred state.

The map will then show all the active SwingLifeStyle clubs within that state. This is a cool feature, but it is only available to members from the United States. With the public calendar, you can easily set a date with another member you are interested in. This makes it convenient for people who are travelling far from home and want to meet new friends.

Despite its popularity, SwingLifeStyle charges reasonable prices for their advanced features. It makes the site a good option for anyone who wants to meet open-minded people in their region. Those who love travelling and those who want their sexual fantasies come true will, in no doubt, enjoy the site.